How to give the most mind-blowing oral sex to your man without feeling uncomfortable

Oral sex should always be an enjoyable experience. Here, we answer all your concerns about giving it


Q: How do I know I’m doing it right?

A: Glance over at your partner every now and again. If he looks like he’s enjoying himself, you’re on the right track. It’s a good idea to pause every few minutes to ask him if he likes what you’re doing. If he wants you to slow down, go faster or be gentler, he will likely let you know.

Q: Is there a way to avoid the dreaded gag reflex?

A: Giving a blowjob makes it near impossible for you to breathe through your mouth, so, to avoid gagging, remember to breathe through your nose the entire time. It’s also important to get your throat parallel to your man’s penis – this will prevent his penis from rubbing the top of your throat, which can trigger the gag reflex.

Q: Should I make eye contact with my man?

A: Yes! Guys love it when you make eye contact. Don’t stare at him, though – that’s just creepy. Look at him for a few seconds, give him a cheeky smile and then resume what you were doing.

Q: How do I prevent an achy jaw?

A: This can happen if you’re down there for too long. The only way to avoid this is to alternate the sucking with licking or kissing his penis. You can even switch to a hand job if your mouth and jaw start getting fatigued.

Q: That slurping noise can be kind of embarrassing. How do I prevent it?

A: Things can get pretty noisy if there’s a lot of saliva involved. It’s got nothing to do with your technique, but you can prevent these involuntary sounds by swallowing your saliva whenever you get the chance. Just remember to keep his penis lubricated enough to prevent it from chafing.

Q: What if I accidentally bite his penis?

A: Your teeth shouldn’t factor into what you’re doing – your lips and tongue should be doing all the work – but if they accidentally graze his penis and he freaks out, just apologise and move on.

Q: It’s hard to breathe properly when I’m down there. How do I make breathing easier?

A: Breathe through your nose and remember to come up for air every couple of minutes. It’s also important to relax. If you’re too tense you may end up hyperventilating, and this can make you feel as if you’re suffocating.

Q: How do I get my guy to stop pulling my hair as he’s getting excited?

A: Some guys do get carried away with this, especially when they’re super-aroused and about to climax. If it bothers you, gently pull his hand away to indicate that you’re not comfortable with it. Or let him know beforehand so that he remembers to keep his hands to himself.

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