10 tips on how to dress yourself to look slimmer and taller

Yes ladies, it is possible to look as if you have been eating clean and going for spinning classes every evening with these nifty fashion tricks!

It’s the lifelong dream of most (if not, all) women to look slim and slender. We know that a healthy diet and dedicated fitness routine are the keys to weight-loss (sigh), but there are inevitable times when we are too busy count calories or hit the gym after a long hard day at work.

So the next best thing to workouts and eating right? These 10 figure-flattering style tips. It is possible to look as if you have been eating clean and going for spinning classes every evening with these nifty fashion tricks. Be prepared to receive compliments!

#1 Switch loose boxy tops for slim-cut flowy blouses

We are usually more drawn to squarish boxed cut blouses because we think that the looser the top is, the more ‘fat’ we can conceal. However, these stiff and uncompromising fabrics tend to make people look heavier than they really are. Instead, opt for slim fit silhouettes in materials that lightly drape over your frame. These tops have enough structure to follow along your body contours without smothering them.

#2 Show some skin on top

Contrary to popular belief, you should show some skin to look slimmer than you are, as compared to hiding under layers of fabric. Exposing a bit of skin around the neckline area (try V-necklines) creates a high focal point to draw your eyes away from your midsection and highlight your collarbone. This will make it seem like you have a longer and slimmer torso.

#3 Buy the right size

Some ladies buy smaller size clothing because they are not happy with the number on the tag. That is not encouraged because squeezing into a smaller size top doesn’t automatically make that your size, you will just end up accentuating your every flaw and excess pound.

For those who always size up because they feel that a baggier fit will hide your flaws, think again. Clothes that are too baggy will make you look cumbersome and a lot heavier than you actually are. (Refer to #1)

#4 Wear dark colours, not just black

There is nothing quite as slimming and elongating as the colour black. Large blocks of solid color draw the eye up and down rather than side to side. This helps to create a long vertical line, giving the illusion of a slender and lean body. However, don’t overdo it and wear only black because too much of it might make you look like a depressing drab. Try mixing colours like white, navy, burgundy and green into your outfits you to look fabulously slim and chic.

#5 Skinny fit trousers/jeans don’t work for everyone

Skinny jeans and other trousers of a skinny cut are not for everyone. Only go for it if you want to add width to your legs. The cut of these trousers feature a tapered leg, which draws attention to your hips and upper legs. It makes your hip and upper thighs look chunkier. Instead, opt for straight-leg if you want a more fitted silhouette and try boot-cut or other styles with a flare at the bottom.

#6 Try high waisted bottoms

Don’t shun this super flattering silhouette! When worn correctly, it can trick the eye into thinking that you are taller by adding length to your lower torso. Be it skirts, shorts or trousers, make sure you remember to tuck in a tailored shirt or wear a slightly cropped top to show your elevated waist.

#7 Shoes with low cut vamp

A shoe with a low cut vamp allows you to show more of your feet, thus lengthening your legs, making them look longer and slimmer. If you are able to find a tone of shoe similar to your skin colour, all the better as it will give the illusion of endless legs.

#8 Accessorize strategically

Apart from making you look on trend, accessories can also help make you look slimmer. If you have a shorter neck, go for long dangling necklaces. It adds length to a short neck and takes the attention away from the hips and to the front and centre of your body. Try bold accessories i.e. large brightly coloured chandelier earrings if you want to make your face appear smaller by comparison.

#9 Ditch your gigantic tote bag

Keeping your bags appropriately scaled to your body size is something that most people overlook. It is also about the combination of line, shape, proportion, color - similar to apparel.

If you are a bigger person, a small crossbody bag might might you look bigger than you actually are. For the most complementary effect, your handbag should be the opposite of your shape. If you are curvy, go for a more structured handbag with a frame. If you are angular, you can try slouchy tote bags. If you wish to add a couple of inches to your torso, you can opt for bags that are vertically longer.

#10 Invest in undergarments that fit

It’s important that you pay the same amount of attention to your undergarments. The right bra can help you to shape your body by keeping your chest in check and in turn create a more defined waist. A well-shaped chest can also make your arms look smaller in comparison. Overly snug panties can create unsightly bulges and visible panty lines which you should avoid at all costs.

If you are wearing bodycon dresses or figure hugging gowns, consider investing in shapewear. Yes it might be expensive, but this is because they have reinforced panels to help to distribute bulges while smoothing you out and holding you in.

Read on for more tips on how to get the best value for money when wardrobe shopping and find out how to update your wardrobe stylishly


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