What to eat at the Quayside: Your ultimate guide to this new and chill hangout

The Quayside is the perfect place to grab a drink and unwind, but the grub is too good to miss out on

If you’re looking for a chill place to unwind, The Quayside might just be what you need. It’s a revamped segment of Robertson Quay that boasts a collection of happening restaurants, each with its own unique vibe. Even better, most of them are pet-friendly, which means you’ll also get some quality time with your furry friend. 

But of course, you’ll want to do more than just chill. Here’s a list of the best food you need to try from each restaurant at the Quayside.


1) Red House Seafood Restaurant

Try the Takesumi Chilli Crab Buns ($8 for 3 pieces).

Red House is an old favourite if you have a hankering for local seafood, and you’re not going to want to miss out on the Takesumi Chilli Crab Buns

These little charcoal buns have a thin, crispy outer layer, and a fluffy centre generously stuffed with piping-hot chilli crab lava. The sauce is sweet, and studded with thick, succulent pieces of crab meet.

Order a basket just for yourself. Trust us, you won’t want to share these babies. 


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2) Super Loco

Try the Elotes ($8+) and Taco de Pescada ($10+).

This perfectly juicy cob of chargrilled corn has been slathered in chipotle mayonnaise, then liberally rolled in a mix of finely grated Mexican cheese (cotija) and spices. It’s simple, but sinfully good.

We also enjoyed Super Loco’s Taco de Pescado (fish taco) – which is a grilled red snapper topped with fresh onions and cucumbers, served on a bed of cabbage drizzled with a tangy chipotle and mayonnaise sauce.

Squeeze a wedge of lime over the concoction, before you fold the soft tortilla in half, and take a big, messy bite. It’s a whole lot of savoury and tangy goodness. 

If you prefer a crunchy taco, go for the Taco de Baja instead - a crispy breaded red snapper taco with jalapeno and chimichurri mayo.


3) Dabbawalla

Try the Mixed Grill ($28++). 

Dabbawalla is for slightly bolder foodies who relish strong and punchy flavours. It is a modern Indian eatery that serves some of the best Indian food we’ve ever tasted.

We love Dabawalla’s mixed grill – a smorgasbord of lamb kebab, tender fish fillet, prawns, and chicken – all of which is cooked in a tandoori oven.

Expect the rich, smoky aroma that comes with every good tandoori. Each type of meat had a unique blend of spices that balanced their qualities. For example, the kebab which is known to be overly gamey was thoughtfully paired with fresh mint leaves. The chicken was paired with cumin, which brought out a fragrant and intense) taste which chicken usually lacks.

However, the best part of this grill were the prawns. We loved that they were big and succulent, with a marinade that was both spicy and tangy. It was slightly charred for crisp, which only heightened its flavour.


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4) Alt Pizza

Try making a DIY Pizza (starting from $8).

Alt Pizza can really dough it right and make great pizzas. Their pizzas need only 90 seconds in front of a roaring wood fire to be cooked, so we were served literally minutes after we walked in.

Alt Pizza has a selection of great pizzas such as the Truffle Shuffle (a mushroom pizza with truffle oil), but if you want to do it your own way, you absolutely can. There’s a whole range of toppings, from kale to wagyu short rib meatballs and goat cheese.

There’s plenty of classic ingredients too but toss in one of those wilder ingredients for a fun twist. Or if you’re one of those people who likes for their pizzas to be done in a very specific way, you know you have to hit up Alt Pizza.


5) Decker BBQ

Try the smoked spare ribs ($9) and the brisket sandwich ($20).

Decker BBQ is the sort of place that is scruffy and rough around the edges. Large wooden picnic tables that have seen better times make up the bulk of the seating. One of the 'signboards' is literally a few strips of hastily-ripped masking tape pasted on the wall, with the opening hours scrawled all over them, and the homemade cocktails come in unlabeled brown bottles or jars with a straw stuck in them.

But look past the exterior, and you’ll find delicious smoked ribs, burgers and a special, tangy homemade barbecue sauce that elevates the taste of everything you dab it in. The ribs are so tender they melt in the mouth, and the bark of the meat is aromatic and so smoky you’ll appreciate the smell as much as the taste.


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6) Summerlong
Try the Fava Bean Puree ($8) and Chargrilled Octopus ($19)

This beautifully-decorated bar and cafe promises beach vibes and cosy comfort. You’ll find assorted slabs of driftwood adorning the walls, sand-coloured wooden furniture, and little green plants furnishing each table. 

The menu covers a variety of Mediterranean food in the form of of sharing platters, dips, and snacks. 

We enjoyed the fava bean puree that had a subtle taste of mint and came with bits of savoury smoked ham, which leant a savoury kick to the otherwise light and refreshing puree. 

Portions are generous too. The bowl looked deceptively small, but five or six triangles of soft pita bread were needed to mop up all the puree.

The Chargrilled Octopus on the other hand, was unlike most we’ve tried, being thick and pale in colour – almost indistinguishable in appearance from the parsnip slices it shares the plate with. However, you’ll forgive the unorthodox appearance after experiencing the taut and crisp skin that give way to supple and savoury meat.


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