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REVIEW: Is the new Dyson Supersonic hair dryer worth its high price?

We tested the new Dyson Supersonic to see if it's worth its price tag and if it's indeed faster and better than other hair dryers.

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The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer does not look anything like a conventional hairdryer – in place of a bulbous head is a hollow cylindrical one. Other than that, it has the usual attachments: a smoothing nozzle, styling nozzle and a diffuser for adding volume.

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  • A range of heat settings There are four heat settings, 28 deg C, 60 deg C, 80 deg C and 100 deg C. You can also use the hairdryer on fan mode, which isn’t heated. My scalp is sensitive to heat, and I found the lowest setting cool enough to use without compromising on efficiency. The highest setting was far too hot for me.
  • A powerful fan Even at the lowest setting, it was quite powerful – equivalent to a medium or high setting on other hairdryers. It took me about 10min to dry my shoulder-length hair, slightly faster than my usual hairdryer.
  • Gentle on hair I have been prone to kinks and split ends for several years, and hair treatments were only temporarily effective. Surprisingly, my hair ends became less problematic after I started using the Supersonic.
  • No more trapped hair I’ve had hair caught in the hairdryer vents, but with the sleek, doughnut-shaped barrel, this was no longer a problem. No need to clean stray hair out of the barrel either. 
  • Safe to touch Even after I used it non-stop for 15min, the Supersonic was merely warm, never hot.
  • Lightweight It was lighter than most hairdryers and more well-balanced. With the weight on the handle and not the barrel, my arms weren’t aching after using it for 10min.


A better positioned Cool Shot button Hair stylists say that a blast of cold air at the end of the drying session helps close the hair follicles so that your tresses are less easily damaged. I appreciated the Cool Shot function on the Supersonic but found it tiring to hold down the awkwardly placed button. An on/off switch would have worked better.

VERDICT The Supersonic is less about bells and whistles, and more about optimising each basic hairdryer function. It’s pricey but could be worth it if the end result is less damaged hair.

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, $599, from all Tangs outlets, Best Denki at Vivocity, Robinsons at The Heeren and Jem, and Harvey Norman at Millenia Walk.

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