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10 sweet ways to honour your parents at your wedding

Thanking your parents on the biggest day in your life, is a must, especially when they’ve taken such pains to raise you up well. Here, our top suggestions.

Jade Seah and her parents share a heartfelt moment just before walking into the church. PHOTO: Her World Brides March - May 2015. For more details on Jade's wedding, see here and here.

Have them both walk you down the aisle
Traditionally, fathers are the ones who get to walk their daughters down the aisle, and give them away at the end of it. Instead, have your mum stand up with you as well. Alternatively, you can have your sibling (or one of them) walk your mothers (your groom’s too) down the aisle before the ceremony.

Have a flower ceremony
Whether before or after the vow exchange, you can choose to give your parents a special flower (it can be their favourite bloom, or one that’s part of your bouquet). You can either carry them loosely in your bouquet, or have one of your bridesmaids carry them to you at the altar and you in turn pass it to your parents with a hug.

Include their wedding photos in the decor
We’ve seen a few real weddings where couples include their parents, and grandparents’ wedding portraits amongst their photos at the reception table, or at a spot where you know guests will take notice. Some even go to the extent of doing a little family tree, which includes their great grandparents (and beyond). How charmingly old-school, and such a great way to remember their big day, too.

Thank them in your speeches
This one may be a little obvious, but we’ve heard of some couples skipping the speech entirely, or not giving their parents special mention. It can’t be that difficult to dedicate a few lines and a few minutes to thank both sets of parents for raising you up well, seriously.

Thank them in your wedding programme
This can come in the form of a printed speech, or a special poem (if you’re literary-inclined).

Include them in your video montage
If you're having a video montage of photos, begin them with images of your parents' own wedding, plus family pictures of them with you as a child. At the end of the video, you can even include a little message (filmed or a still with text) to say thanks for everything they've done.

Incorporate a detail from your parents’ wedding into yours
This can include your wedding gown, cake details, flowers, the way they took their wedding photos, accessories, the same song that was played at their reception, your parents’ favourite dishes, and so on.

Give mum your bouquet
If she’s a big fan of flowers, consider dedicating your bouquet to her. You can accompany it with a little speech, and present it to her after. Don’t neglect your groom’s mum too though. Prepare a similar bouquet for her, and ask your groom to do the same, if he prefers.

Include their initials in your wedding monogram
It's a very sweet idea, and gives off the message in a classy and sophisticated manner. 

Dedicate your first dance to them
Have your first dance to your parents' favourite love song, or a song that they danced to at their wedding reception (see above). You can even arrange for a first dance with your respective mums and dads after you've had your first dance with your father, and your husband with his mother.

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