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5 tips to come up with a unique wedding hashtag

Fun, interesting and catchy hashtags are hard to come by. Which is why we've come up with this quick guide to help you out.

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What's a wedding without a wedding hashtag in 21st century celebrations? One of the things people look out for (or at least I do that) at weddings these days, is for hashtags, so they can upload their pictures on Instagram and Facebook, where the couple will enjoy easy access to. 

Here are some ways to ensure your hashtag sounds uniquely yours, and easy to pick up.

1. Include your names and/or wedding date
Your names are usually one way to ensure you and your guests will be the only users of that hashtag. Or to a lesser extent, if you've both got common names, consider using nicknames (no embarrassing ones, please!) plus your wedding date to make it special.

2. Be punny
Whether it's an inside joke, or you're genuinely a witty couple, have fun with your wedding hashtag with puns, rhymes, synonyms, and so on. Commonly-used wedding words like "hitched", "wed", "happily ever after", "tie the knot", help, too.

3. Keep it short
You don't want to get people confused. Your wedding hashtag should be short, snappy, and easy to repeat, so people get the message as far and wide as possible. You also don't want a long hashtag with complicated words that can get easily misspelt. That'll take all the fun out of it, and you may lose a few pictures in the process.

4. Check that it's yours and yours alone
Before sending out the invitations and gifts with your "customised" hashtag, do a quick check on Instagram to make sure no one else has taken it already. You don't want to get your pictures confused and lost with someone's wedding.

5. Have fun
Don't take yourselves too seriously. You certainly shouldn't spend too much time on it either. If it's a good one you both can agree upon, go ahead. After all, there are other things to fret about, and your hashtag isn't going to define how your wedding's going to be like.

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