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6 adorable ways to show off your engagement on Instagram

Spread the good news with these fun ways!

With today's social-media craze, it's practically the norm to make the all-important announcement after he's put a ring on it (after making the necessary calls to your loved ones before doing so, that is).

Here, six ways to do so.


OMG! I Said YES!!!! You have no idea how happy I am!! The best proposal !!! I love you Landon Taylor!!! @thelandontaylor #IJustSaidYes #ISaidYes #Engagement #Love #LeftHandClub

A photo posted by Ms.Green (@theisisalmighty) on

1.  Flaunt it
Do so through a selfie with your left (or right) hand with the bling clearly visible, or just a picture of your hand, ring, and the view beyond. This is the most obvious way to announce your new status, and hey, there's no shame in wanting to share the great news. That's what these celebrities did and boy did we all envy their rocks!


Ummmm so this happened....#Engaged #Dubai #Happiness

A photo posted by Eva Longoria (@evalongoria) on


So yesterday this happened. #isaidyes #hereallylikeditsoheputaringonit #omfgimengaged #thatssomecrazyshityo #sorryboys #notsorry #hashtagoverload #howdoeseanpenngetallthesefoxyladies

A photo posted by Tiffy Tots (@sir.tots.a.lot) on

2. Use hashtags
If you prefer to keep things subtle, hashtags are a great way to get the message across. It can be a pic of the both of you, the both of you holding hands, or a romantic stroll by the beach, and all you have to do, is include these hashtags: #engaged #isaidyes, like Desperate Housewives' Eva Longoria did.


He liked it so he put a on it (finally) biggest congrats to these love birds #engaged

A photo posted by Racheal McNamara (@rachealmcnamara) on

3. Take it with your man
He's as involved in the proposal as you are, and it's only right you include him in the picture (unless he's media- or camera-shy). You can even get him to write a cute message on your Instagram or Twitter to announce your engagement!


Who got engaged this weekend? Tag your soulmate! Big thank you to @daniella1123 and @loduca_88 for sharing their adorable engagement photo! #heasked #shesaidyes #planestry #ido #wedding #engaged #instalove #instadaily #instamood #love #cute #weddinginspo #weddinginspiration #isaidyes #weekend

A photo posted by Planestry (@planestry) on


Had to share one more from Marianne and Kyle's Downtown Seattle engagement shoot yesterday! Love that they got these cups wig Mr and Mrs on then!

A photo posted by Rebecca Anne (@rebeccaannephotography) on


$50 R E F E R R A L G I F T ! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=522578004575977&substory_index=0&id=111274625706319 #countrywedding #countrylove #GreenvilleWeddingPhotographer #engaged #saratouchetphotography

A photo posted by Sara Touchet Photography (@sara_touchet_photography) on

4. Have fun and run with it
From scrabble tiles to signboards, Starbucks cups, and marker-written signs on the palm of your hand, the possibilities are endless.


Our daddy asked mummy to marry him #staffiesdaily #staffy #staffyslife #belleandtitan #engaged #showmeurbullies #engagementannouncement #isaidyes #marryme #bridetobe

A photo posted by Amy Bradfield (@amybradfield1108) on

5. Get help from your furkids
There's something about having your pets make the announcement on your behalf. Simply hang or place a sign on or somewhere near them, and caption appropriately.


Start of wedding planning @herworldbrides #herworldbrides

A photo posted by Andy Sheryl (@hannistellar) on

6. Use other props
Bridal magazines or wedding planning guides are the most obvious way to go about it, and you don't even need your ring in the picture! Simply caption as such: "Time to start planning #mrnmrswedprep", or something along those lines. 

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