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8 reasons why lunch wedding receptions are better

While lunch may not sound as glamorous as a dinner banquet, it can still be elegant and sophisticated, while being cost-effective, too.


With weddings taking on a more casual approach (read: rustic celebrations in alternative venues such as barns and parks, simple centrepieces and so on), it seems only natural that the timing would follow suit. After all, if you’re looking to serve fun and lighthearted grub like coffee, waffles, pancakes, sausages and so on, lunch would be a good time to do so.

1. Lower venue fees
As most events take place in the evening, venue rental rates are generally slightly higher as compared to morning or afternoon events. We also found lunch packages for Singaporean hotels to be cheaper by 20 to 30 per cent (we calculated this based on several rates).

2. Lower wedding party costs
Whether you’re having your ceremony on a lawn or indoors, day weddings have a more casual dress code, which applies to your wedding party as well. This will help you save on fees for formal dresses and suits.

3. You can spend less on food and have fun with it
Think breakfast-, brunch- or lunch-themed dishes such as fries, pancakes, sausages, and so on, which wouldn’t cost you as much as a typical Chinese eight-course meal. If you’re thinking of having a buffet, that would be acceptable, too.

4. You get to save on your bar bill
For daytime events, lighter drinks such as sangrias, iced teas, beers and so on are preferred as compared to heavier alcoholic drinks, and wine. Also, getting drunk that early in the day (and throwing up in full view of everyone), would just be embarrassing.

5. Skip the decorations
Lunch affairs are thought to be more casual, so your guests won’t be expecting anything over-the-top. Getting married in the day also means you get to save on lighting (if you’re having the ceremony outdoors), or anything dramatic at all.

6. Skip the wait, too
Having a lunch reception also means you won’t have to experience an awkward wait in between, after your ceremony. If you’re having guests from out of town, you can arrange some activities for them to do after, as opposed to having them shuttle to and fro during the few hours’ wait.

7. You get great photos all day
Instead of rushing to get photos at the magic hour before the sun sets, you’ll have great light for your photos all day, without having to leave your guests momentarily. Plus, if you’re getting married in a venue with a beautiful view, you’ll get to soak it all in.

8. It’s less rushed, and you’ll probably be less tired
Having a dinner banquet doesn’t necessarily mean you have to party all through the night, but you will end later than most days. And by then, you’d be bone tired while scrambling to remove all your wedding regalia because you’re rushing to get a good night’s sleep. You won’t have such problems after lunch, and you’ll even have all day to relax, indulge in the venue’s facilities, and enjoy your new status as man and wife.

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