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5 things to know about stress-free wedding planning

Here are some useful tips on how to deal with stressful situations, and unwanted advice, suggestions and even criticisms from friends and family.

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1. Involve as little people as possible
This includes not showing everyone (we’re referring to extended family members, colleagues, friends) your wedding plans, details, the dress and so on. If you need an opinion on something, you can seek your groom’s, parents’, wedding planner, and/or wedding party’s advice. Anything beyond that, you’re only seeking trouble.

2. Stop talking about it
When you do, you’re basically inviting the people around you to comment on your decisions.

3. Work with a team who will agree with your vision
We’re not asking you to find “yes” men who won’t be able to advice you well, but don’t seek the help of someone who’s highly opinionated, too. Whether you’re hiring a wedding planner or doing it on your own, seek a group of like-minded individuals who can see where you’re coming from, when it comes to planning your colours, decor, and so on. It’ll help minimise many headaches along the way.

4. Opt for packages
While it may be cheaper to go a la carte for certain things (like overseas photoshoots), having a venue package with an establishment, for instance, may save you plenty of time and stress. These usually include things like venue, catering, as well as coordination services, which you’ll need to source for, if you’re marrying in an alternative venue.

5. Take your time
Don’t rush to get married, if you can help it. Having time to plan your wedding will help you in ways such as being able to get your dream date, scoring perks from hotels at bridal shows, taking your time to chase your RSVPs and so on. Of course, don’t leave everything till the last minute, and scramble to put it all together about a month before the reception.

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