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9 things you’ll learn as soon as you get engaged

‘Cause nothing will really prepare you for that significant moment, no matter how many weddings you’ve been to.

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1. You’re never really ready for it
No matter how often you’ve discussed the prospect of getting engaged, or actively prepared for it (i.e. set the date, picked the ring together and so on), when the time comes, you’ll just be as surprised as someone who didn’t see it coming.

2. You may not be all that prepared
While most brides prefer to look good during the proposal (because of the number of pictures that’ll be taken to commemorate the moment), things may not always go your way. Even if your boyfriend’s dropped several hints to get you to get your nails and hair done, wear makeup and so on, Murphy’s Law may happen. So don’t fret if you feel you look less than perfect. We’re sure you already do in the eyes of your new fiance.

3. You (as well as others) will be constantly looking at your hand
Whether you’re a jewellery person or not, there’s just something significant and special about that gem on your finger. Plus, with everyone wanting a glimpse of it, it’s really hard to not take notice of your new (semi) permanent accessory now.

4. Your relationship will change
No matter how long you’ve been dating, being an engaged couple will feel different, as you’ve just made a commitment to one another for life.

5. You’ll want to dive into all things wedding-related, at once
From bridal magazines to wedding shows, TV programmes and so on, you’ll view all these in a different light now. While it’s good to start early, so you don’t end up getting stressed over details closer to the wedding date, make sure you’re on the same page as your fiance when it comes to cost, and so on. Weddings aren’t cheap, and your engagement ring isn’t either. Give it a while or so to enjoy your engagement before asking your fiance to decide on venues, guestlist, flowers, and others.

6. Everyone will start asking about your wedding date
Before you’ve got time to breathe and enjoy your new status properly, you may get excited (or overly-concerned) friends or relatives asking you when the big day is. Don’t panic, or get annoyed – these are simply well-meaning individuals who genuinely want to help and share your joy. Try and determine a rough date with your partner first before answering them. But if you can’t decide or haven’t discussed anything yet, just tell well-wishers that you’d like to enjoy some time as a newly-engaged couple first, before making any decisions about the wedding and after.

7. You’ll have to repeat your proposal story over and over again
Even if you’ve posted a blow-by-blow account of what went down during the proposal on social media, people will still want to hear it from you, especially from excited close friends and relatives. For those who aren’t as close, they’ll still want to know how he put a ring on it. If the story’s not too personal, write a quick description on your wedding site, so everyone can keep up to speed.

8. You’ll start getting advice here, there, everywhere
From marriage advice, to wedding planning duties, you’ll start getting advice from your parents, recently-married couples, friends from the industry, and so on. If it’s advice you agree with, take it. If not, simply thank them and move on. Don’t get mad or defensive.

9. You’ll know who your true friends are
There will always be excited friends who’ll form a support system for you as you start making preparations for your new life. But then there may also be negativity. If this happens, don’t take it personally – although, you’ll know who will have your back when (or if) the going gets tough in future.

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