Backstage beauty: Reverse smoky eyes at Ong Shunmugam for Singapore Fashion Week 2016!

Trend to note: It’s all about sexy simplicity and a ravishing reverse smokey on the beauty front for Ong Shunmugam’s Cheongsam 2017 showing at Singapore Fashion Week 2016, rendered in easily executable earthy tones terrifically translatable to real life

I put my thing down, flip it and reverse it – under the tutelage of makeup maestro Mutsumi Masaoka, Nars Japan Lead Stylist, the Singapore team picked up the opulent ochres of Shunmugam’s collection to conjure up a reverse smokey “zhnged” up with a gorgeous gleam on the upper lids.

First things first. The trick to not looking like you have a black eye is to balance out the charred smokiness with beautifully airy, beguilingly bare-looking skin. Here’s how: Start with lashings of Luminous Moisture Cream massaged into the mien as a beautifying base, followed by foundie courtesy of a veneer of Velvet Matte Skin Tint.

Get rid of residual redness and diminish any discolouration with a deft patting of Radiant Creamy Concealer, before dabbing a creamy highlighter in prismatic pink – Copacabana Multiple, if you’re keeping tabs – onto the highest planes of the face to lend a lit-from-within luminosity. Set the entire shebang with a sugary dusting of Velvet Loose Powder. Easy enough, right?

The clean canvas was then inked up with a ton of eye drama. Grab a creamy brown pencil like the Velvet Eyeliner in Last Frontier to rim the lower lash line, sweeping your instrument back and forth and smudging liberally for a soft smoulder.

Switch to an angled brush to stipple on an inky black liner for amped up smokiness on the lower lash. Lots of layering for this look: At last count, at least two liners and three shadows in sooty shades of blacks and browns for depth and dimension – Bali Eyeshadow, Bengali Eyeshadow, Portobello Duo Eyeshadow and Via Veneto Larger Than Life Longwear Eyeliner. Use a soft paddle-shaped brush to sweep up and outwards – the perfectly pigmented micronised powders of the matte shadows lend themselves well to all sorts of shading shenanigans, so just a smidgen of said hues will suffice.

Now for the genius bit. To lighten and leaven the bottom-heavy peepers, press the doe-foot of a clear lip lacquer like Nars’ Triple X Lip Gloss onto your lids – this will lend your eyes an achingly sexy sheen, plus the flirty flash of light when you lower your gaze is incredibly fetching indeed. If you're blessed with generously fringed eyes – lucky you! – amp up the shine by using the same clear lip gloss on your upper and lower lashes.

All the glam and glimmer should emanate from your eyes, so that means just the subtlest of shading on your cheeks via Contour Blush in Talia. Paired with a delightfully demure dusty rose lip, the overall effect was pretty and provocative in equal measure.

Beguilingly bare skin and a matte mouth juxtaposed against a sooty swoosh on the lower lid and a glorious gleam on the upper – this tug-and-pull between abundance and austerity strikes me as being very current, very cool and very Ong Shunmugam. Brava!

More of a visual learner? Click "play" on the video below for a blow-by-blow beauty tutorial. Enjoy!

Video created and edited in collaboration with Leow Jing Kang. All images by Wesley Kow for herworldPLUS.

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