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This quick fix took 5 years off my face in 10 minutes (no, really)

Preemptive protest: the header of this article is NOT clickbait. Read on for the full deets!

Image: Belotero. Note: All images are for illustrative purposes only. Your individual results may vary.

Y’know what they say – when all else fails, bring out the big guns. As much as I love my serums and salves, I’m also a devotee of discreetly deployed injectables –  a stealthy snip here and a covert cut there can really make a world of difference.

And the secret to my suspiciously fresh face these days? Fine, it’s confession time: I’ve been filling in the blanks, so to speak, by plumping up my craters and cavities with facial fillers.

Crucial caveat before we proceed any further: Always practise due diligence by seeking professional advice from a licensed aesthetic doctor. (Full disclosure: I had my procedure administered by the disarmingly dapper Dr YZ Tan at Mizu Aesthetic Clinic.)

Rule number one: Be a prudent patient and always ask your physician what sort of filler he or she is intending to use on your face – you’re better off playing it safe with non-permanent and reversible hyaluronic acid fillers like Belotero, as these contain a failsafe option in the form of enzyme injections to dissolve any defective lumps and bumps. (Permanent fillers, on the other hand, are a dicey dare best not taken, as you don’t have the luxury of a “backspace key” if anything goes awry; you may quite literally be scarred for life.)


‘Filling’ in the blanks: What to expect

Image: Note: All images are for illustrative purposes only. Your individual results may vary.

The beauty of this minimally invasive treatment lies in the very structure of the stuff itself  – the product is pliant enough to be “pressed” into place by your doctor, where it’ll integrate with your skin tissue for a supremely smooth and subtle result.  

You may notice incremental improvement too, as research suggests that hyaluronic acid fillers can induce collagen production and incite your skin to rebuild itself from within over the next couple of months. This slow-but-steady rejuvenation means your face should look fresher as the days roll by – and no one will be able to pinpoint why, unless you decide to disclose your “secret”, of course.

Another big benefit of Belotero: The near absence of downtime. You can conceivably sneak out during your lunch break and be back in an hour with your colleagues being none the wiser for it.


Okay, I’m sold. Where can I put it in?

Image: Note: All images are for illustrative purposes only. Your individual results may vary.

As versatile a treatment as any, opt to have your full face fixed with Belotero, or spot-correct regions requiring a little smoothing and softening: The haggard hollows encircling your eyes; dimpling around the décolletage; or the crinkly back of your hands, where you may be showing signs of 'Madonna hands'. 

'Eye' especially love injecting the indentations under the eye for a beautifying boost that will shave off oh, a good five to 10 years off your face. Filler injected deep into the dermis in the shadows under your eye (impress your doctor by referring to it as the “tear trough”) will replace lost volume and make you appear like you’ve been enjoying a solid eight hours of sleep daily. How’s that for a shot of instant gratification?

Of course, you may also experience some swelling and bruising, especially if you’re getting work done around sensitive spots like your peepers and puckers, but it’s nothing a dab of concealer won’t solve.

That said, it’s incredibly important that you do your research and select a qualified doctor who can handle any complications which may arise. If you notice any lingering lumpiness, persistent pain or changes in vision – touch wood! – seek medical attention immediately.

Right, then. Had your fill of fillers? Have fun lifting your spirits and your skin, and continue fighting the good fight against gravity!

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