Rebecca Lim shares her 24/7 secret to crystal clear skin

The radiant 30-year-old actress credits her unwavering loyalty to this treatment for taking her from the blazing hot outdoors to the glitzy red carpet in a jiffy

Rebecca Lim is used to being under the harsh demands of the spotlight. Her go-getting job also often takes her straight from the sunny outdoors to glamourous photoshoots – a recent stint saw her going straight from standup-paddling at Sentosa to a beauty shoot in the same day!

“My work often requires me to be outdoors for long periods of time”, Rebecca notes. “Over time, I’ve noticed that just half an hour in the sun without adequate protection is enough to dehydrate and irritate my skin, causing uneven red patches and dry, rough texture.”

Here’s a tip: Aware of the harmful effects of the sun, the star of the new drama series The Lead made sure to prep her skin with a DIY mask before going standup-paddling: “When I applied the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence all over my face, neck and décolletage before the session, I left the cotton pads on the high points of my face for an extra minute for an intense boost of hydration. Furthermore, I’ve been conditioning my skin with my beloved SK-II Facial Treatment Essence for seven years now, so I was pretty sure my skin could recover quickly from such intense UV exposure and heat.”

However, after just an hour under the scorching sun and intense afternoon heat Rebecca said: “I could feel my skin tingling from the combination of UV exposure and sweat.”

“I was going for a beauty shoot for SK-II, and as the face of the brand in Singapore, it was crucial that my skin look its crystal clear best! So even though I was confident about the condition of my skin, I was concerned that my skin might lose some radiance or develop red patches after exposure to such extreme UV rays and heat,” she says. “Thankfully, my trusty SK-II Facial Treatment Essence instantly soothed and rehydrated my skin back to its crystal clear radiance. I even applied extra drops of the essence onto the high points of my face for an extra glow!”

Sun protection is a top priority for the bilingual actress. She explains: “What really concerns me though, is long-term damage from sun exposure. Over time, UV exposure weakens the skin’s natural barriers and speeds up the ageing process. Once the damage is done, it’s much harder to reverse the effects, so I believe in investing in a good holistic skin and sun care routine.” Useful advice for all!

“My skincare routine always includes a generous application of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence after using toner,” Rebecca shares. “This not only hydrates and prepares my skin for better absorption of the serums and moisturisers that come after, it also moderates my skin’s surface renewal cycle for crystal clear skin that’s smooth and even. This miracle essence is my secret to repairing and protecting my skin from external aggressors like UV rays.”

Whether she’s filming a TV series, or at a photoshoot, Rebecca admits: “I have to look my best on screen, no matter what, so I never leave for work without my SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. It’s my secret to being confident in front of the camera. Looking at my glam photoshoot photos just proves that SK-II Facial Treatment Essence will be my best companion for life. I hope that it will be yours, too!”

This miracle essence is my secret to repairing and protecting my skin from external aggressors.