Our expert’s tips on how to get natural (and perfect!) brows fast

We may have found this month’s new ‘it’ product for your brows

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Ah, brows. The frame to our face, the gate to the windows of our soul and often, the bane of our morning routines.

Just what makes them so frustrating? It all boils down to how important they are in completing our look. As Jared Bailey, the Global Brow Authority for Benefit Cosmetics, explained: “Brows give you expression but they also bring balance and proportion to the face and eyes.”

Yes, face. See, if done right, the perfect set of brows helps contour and define your entire face. Along with our favourite contour kits for Asian skin, of course, but only because we’re after those popping cheekbones!

We know what you’re thinking, ‘yes but how?!’ Simple; it’s all in the shape of your brows.


1. Shape up!

Now, before you turn to your trusty brow pencils to draw in those trendy K-brows, we’re here to say that they are not the answer; thick brows were not meant for everyone, trust us.

As the delightfully funny expert summarised: “Brows are not ready-to-wear – they’re couture. Everyone deserves a pair.”

So here’s where you begin on getting your own designer pair: Brow mapping.



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If that term sounds familiar, it might be because the brow gurus at Benefit Cosmetics’ counters all across the island provide that very service.

What is it? Just like the name suggests, brow mapping allows you to plot the points of where your brows should begin, end and arch. Yes, even straight brows need that crucial point where your brows begin to taper off!

All you need is your nose, a makeup brush and voila, you have your reference.


2. It’s filling time!

Jared’s number one tip to getting your brows on quick is making your product work for you; an idea we’re huge proponents of. Why pay good money, otherwise?

Here’s the caveat: The perfect product requires far more than simply nailing the right shade. It also needs to matches your overall look and lifestyle. So that’s where you’ll need to decide: Which brow product best matches the look you’re after? Gel, powder, cream or pencil?

For those of you hunting a natural set of brows, the new Foolproof Brow Powder from Benefit might just be the way to go.



The formula is soft, buildable and most of all, foolproof. The product comes in a split pan, designed to look just like our brows so that you beauty aficionados dabbing into a pan of brow powder for the first time won’t feel too intimidated.

And as with all things Benefit, the packaging is cute and functional. The little compact (trust us, it’s definitely compact) includes a mirror and an applicator that has both a blender and a spoolie, perfect for all you go-getters to touch up on the move. (Pro-tip: The blender truly works in making your eyebrows look fuller without being too harsh.)

As for the mornings where you’ve hit the snooze button one too many times, well, brow gels are also an option to achieving more defined brows.


3. Make it last, girlfriend



But how do you prevent the product from fading or dispersing, especially in the heat and humidity? “Stay inside,” the brow boss put forth immediately. That, or use a primer.

“Think about it. If you’re putting on a full face of makeup, you’ll always put on a primer, right?” And if we apply that same logic to our eyelids, it would make sense to prime our brows to both intensify the pigment and hold the product all day long.

Although, truth be told, you don’t actually have to do that with the Foolproof brow powder. I tested the powder on a pretty crucial day and am happy to report that the risk paid off.

The product stayed on without smudging or fading even though I spent the better part of my morning running around in heels. (Yes, regrettably, there was sweat.) Yep, my brows were still going strong by dinner, despite my quick nap in the day.



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In order to make sense of that sorcery, Jared offered an explanation: “That’s how it activates, in a sense. The product adheres to the oils in your skin, so you want to work it through the hair and really buff it in.”

The best part about the product? It’s completely malleable, which means that even on days where you’d like stronger brows, you can swop out the blender for an angled brush to draw crisp and defined lines, a tip courtesy of Jared himself.

The Foolproof Brow Powder retails for $42 and will be available Aug 17 at all Sephora Benefit counters,, Benefit Westgate Boutique, The Shilla Duty Free Benefit Counters and Lazada.

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