Review: Try these 2 new whitening masks for radiant skin

REVIEW: Unlike your traditional brightening sheet mask, these masks come in odd parts and sizes which claim to instantly brighten your complexion in 15 minutes, tops. We put them to the test

#1 Cle de Peau Beaute Intensive Brightening Mask
$35 for a set
$165 for a box of 6 sets, available at all Cle de Peau Beaute counters.

Cle de peau intensive brightening mask.png

According to Cle de Peau Beaute, the cause of skin dullness at the top and bottom half of the face is different. For the former, oiliness is the main culprit, while the latter is caused by the appearance of large pores and rough skin.

To counteract this, the brand’s Intensive Brightening Mask comes in two parts – the top half, soaked in a clear serum-like fluid, works to balance the T-Zone, while the creamy emulsion at the bottom half helps to firm sagging skin at the cheek and mouth area.

I usually have to fold the edges of sheet masks, but didn’t with this one – the plush three-layered sheets are specially cut to curve at certain portions for a better fit on the face.

While the reformulated mask is said to have the effect of a gentle chemical peel, it didn’t make my skin feel uncomfortable.

After using the mask for 10 minutes, my complexion looked brighter and more even-toned. The layer of serum that was left on my face was so hydrating that I didn’t need to apply any additional skincare over it. But you may want to do so if you have dry and mature skin.

The next morning, my skin looked plumped and a tiny bit fairer. It was well hydrated, too.

#2 Chanel Le Blanc Brightening Cheek Mask
$125 for 6 sets, available at all Chanel Fragrance and Beauty stores and counters.

LE BLANC Brightening Cheek Mask Chanel le blanc cheek mask and Cle de Peau Intensive brightening .png

Chanel’s latest addition to the Le Blanc line, the Brightening Cheek Mask, comes in the form of two patches that cover the apples of the cheeks to a point slightly below the temples. (Think of where you would traditionally apply your blusher.)

The mask sachet holds the two cheek patches in a separate compartment from the serum. Apparently, the pink berry oil and 2-year pearl extract contained within the formula helps to give a fresh, healthy glow to dull and yellow-toned complexions by stimulating microcirculation.

To use the mask, I had to break the divider in between the two compartments by squeezing the serum portion, which bubbles as it fills the section with the patches. I had no problems in getting the patches to soak up the formula. They fit well on the face, too.

After 15 minutes, the mask actually helped to calm the redness I had on my cheeks, much to my surprise. My cheeks were instead, more luminous and plump-looking, which helped to give a brighter appearance to my face.