Dee Hsu and Kevin Tsai are back for this special livestream and it’s absolutely LOL!

Over 610,000 people tuned in to watch the duo’s live interview with astrologist Jesse Tang and we’re telling you, there are a ton of thigh-slapping good laughs to be had

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Celebrity hosts Dee Hsu and Kevin Tsai may have ended their 12-year run of their popular talk show Mr Con and Ms Csi in 2016, but the duo has been working closely together in the last couple of months.

Instead of conducting rib-tickling interviews with fellow stars, their latest work sees Kevin taking on the director role while Dee plays the female lead in his upcoming movie titled Didi’s Dream.

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Co-starring the gorgeous Taiwanese model Lin Chi Ling, the romance comedy film tells the story of two sisters — one’s a superstar (Chi Ling) while the other’s a budding actress (Dee) — and how they constantly fight to prove themselves to each other.

The romance comedy film, set for release next month in Singapore, marks Dee’s debut on the big screen. Her co-star Chi Ling, who’s a regular subject of Dee’s jokes in Mr Con and Ms Csi, has numerous movies (including Red Cliff and The Treasure Hunter) under her belt, but this is the first time the two female celebs are working together for a movie.

Photo: Lin Chi Ling / Weibo

Gearing up for the official release, Dee and Kevin have been busy canoodling with the press to promote the new film. In one particular online interview with Taiwanese astrologist Jesse Tang, the hilarious duo quickly turned the table and interviewed said astrologist instead.

The rest of the hour-long interview suddenly takes on the air of  a brand new episode of Mr Con and Ms Csi, with the three hosts throwing their heads back and bursting into laughters ever so frequently.  

Photo: Jesse Tang / Facebook

Instead of focusing on the upcoming movie, Dee and Kevin continuously poked fun at Jesse’s personal life. But all was good as the long-suffering astrologist appeared to take no offense at the “insults” lobbed at her, including jabs about her non-existent love life and her use of black strips of stickers to contour her face (weird but trust us, it’s hilarious to look at!)

Settle in with a snack, play the video above and have a good time reminiscing the good old days of Mr Con and Ms Csi.

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