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Tips on how to stay motivated when you are exercising

We all know how hard it is to stay motivated while we're exercising, right? Which is why having a handy technical tool to add to your fitness arsenal is a great investment

Fitbit Special

Women who want to keep an eye on how much physical activity they get each day – without compromising their style or comfort – will adore the new Fitbit Alta™ tracker.

All-day activity tracking allows you to see real-time stats like step count, calories burnt and active minutes. Fitbit Alta™ also automatically tracks how long and how well you sleep, so you can plan a better routine. Weekly exercise goals in the Fitbit app make it a cinch to personalise and keep to a specific level of activity. What really sets the Fitbit Alta™ apart from the standard fitness band, however, is its versatility as an accessory for all your #ootd looks.

The tracker comes with sleek, removable bands in three materials – a classic, workoutfriendly band in elastomer; a soft, premium hide leather bracelet with a natural grain; and a luxurious hand-polished silver bangle – so it can accompany you anywhere, any time, whatever the occasion.

Being mindful of your health and staying motivated to improve it has never looked more appealing.

Other Fitbit Alta™ functions we love:


Remaining stationary for prolonged periods can mess with your metabolism. Fitbit Alta’s™ helpful Reminders to Move feature encourages you to meet mini goals of 250 steps an hour (about two to three minutes of walking) and will congratulate you when you achieve the goal.



Beyond tracking steps, this automatically recognises and records continuous-movement activities like walking, running, outdoor biking, and elliptical and other aerobic workouts like dance and cardiokickboxing to give you credit towards your weekly goals.


The Fitbit Alta™ is available for $198 in black, blue, teal or plum with a selection of interchangeable bands sold separately. For more information, visit

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