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REVIEW: A pre-serum for smoother and brighter skin

This powerhouse treatment lotion from Elizabeth Arden promises to fight skin ageing and restore skin health. Six women try it out for a month.


WHAT Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti-aging Antioxidant Infusion Essence, $125 (140ml)

THE SCIENCE Made for all skin types, the treatment lotion contains seven potent antioxidants to strengthen skin and fight ageing.

Ingredients include idebenone, said to crush multiple free radicals at one go; green tea extract, which is over 100 times more effective than vitamin C in neutralising free radicals; the grape-derived antioxidant resveratrol; ferulic acid, a botanical antioxidant; thiotaine to help prevent collagen and elastin breakdown; L-carnosine, which could extend the lifespan of skin cells; and a vitamin C-derivative to help protect the skin. The essence also boosts hydration levels and instantly revitalises skin texture.

HOW TO USE: After toner, dispense three to four drops of the essence onto a cotton pad or your palms, and apply. Then, gently press your palms against your face to help the essence absorb better, and follow with serum.


Leow Ni Min, 34, senior marketing executive  
“At first, I didn’t see much difference in my skin. But after using it twice a day for a month, I noticed my complexion looked brighter. The fine lines and wrinkles looked less obvious, too.”

Jasmine Seah, 36, underwriter
 “This refreshing water-like essence left my skin instantly smoother and more supple. After using it for two weeks, I noticed that my skin looked more radiant and refined, and my pores, less obvious.” 

Delia Kng, 37, stay-at-home mum  
“I need to tend to my kids and don’t have time for an extensive skincare routine in the mornings, so I love that I can get smoother, more moisturised, firmer and brighter skin with this one product.” 

Joie Goh, 28, freelance writer  
“I love the fresh cucumber scent! Although I didn’t see a difference initially, after a week of daily use my pores looked smaller and my complexion clearer and brighter.”

Audrey Lim, 33, senior personal wealth manager  
“The watery texture was quickly absorbed into my skin, and it felt smoother. I’ve received comments that my skin looks more radiant!”

Aletheia Sim, 33, marketing manager  
“Right after application, my skin turned slightly red and there was a slight biting sensation. It went away in seconds and I was left with smooth, refined and matte skin.”


This article was originally published in SImply Her March 2016.

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